hello lions!

so, today is the first day of october. if you follow me on twitter, you might know that i was trying to write 100 letters this summer. i failed.

rules: it had to be handwritten by me, and it had to actually be mailed with a stamp to count — so no drop notes or anything like that. i can write to anyone about anything i feel like sharing at the time.

reason: i did this to connect with people — to share myself through my stories, handwriting and stationery selections. i also did it to decrease my personal stash — i didn’t buy any paper for this project. i’ve moved recently and realized i had way too much paper, and it should go out to folks. so that’s what i did.

results: it was a struggle sometimes to write, and also to purchase stamps — something i really don’t like doing. in the end, i didn’t reach my goal. i barely scraped up to 50.

i’m happy i tried — i had no idea how challenging it could be, especially during a personally tumultuous time. for now, i’m going to keep writing casually but may try it again soon.

what do you think? what are you aiming for today? what are you achieving or missing?

with love,