hello lions,

i feel like i’m seeing chains everywhere these days — and i like how they’re being used.

these chains add texture, visual interest and spacial segregation while keeping things airy and light — unlike some fabric draping. you could use them as a statement entrance  to set the tone for a very industrial or rock n roll event. they could also be a backdrop to an area you want to highlight, like the altar, photobooth, dessert table or bar.

they’re also pretty functional. these guys were hanging in retropolitan’s front window recently. i would like to see a juxtaposition of textures when hanging — like dainty china teacups or big fluffy paper flowers attached to heavy or plastic chains.

they come in all sorts of colors, weights and sizes.

what other fun things do you like from the hardware store? i could spend hours browsing through all the tangible goodies!

with love,